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  • Type: ACL-es1201
  • Name: orange steel mesh cart
  • Size: 42"*30"*73" (1060*764*1850mm)or customized
  • Surface treatment: Hot Galvanized/Electric Galvanized/Powder Coating
  • Shelf Heights: Adjustable
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    Aceally Danish Flower Trolley is a versatile greenhouse flower cart designed with both rubber and PU foam wheels for easy mobility. In addition, the trolley comes with a practical dining table and metal table legs, while the stackable base ensures effortless storage. With 5″ casters, you are assured of swift and smooth movement.

    The surface of the trolley is treated with hot galvanization, electric galvanization, or powder coating, which gives it an attractive, durable finish. Made from high-grade metal materials, it has a sturdy and robust build. The six-level plant stand comprises three upper and three lower tiers, which can each hold up to 2-3 items. However, the decorative wheels on the trolley are not functional.

    Aceally Danish Flower Trolley can be used in various indoor and outdoor settings with ease. Indoors, it can be used in the entryway, living room, sunroom, or even on a screened patio. Outside, it’s perfect for use in the garden, pool area, balcony, rooftop, terrace, or even at a flower shop. The trolley’s elegant design also makes it a decorative accent to any garden party or outdoor event.


    Size:  Length*Width*Height(mm) Length*Width*Height(inch)
    1350*565*1900 53.1*22.2*74.8
    1500*565*1900 59.1*22.2*74.8
    1118*1168*1981 44*46*78
    1178*1168*1900 46.4*46*74.8
    1330*610*1900 52.4*24*74.8
    1310*1020*1900 51.8*40.2*74.8
    675*565*1900 26.6*22.2*74.8
    1280*530*1900 50.4*20.9*74.8
    1480*600*1900 58.3*23.6*74.8

    Aceally is a cutting-edge machinery manufacturing enterprise with a focus on research, development, production, and sales. Our comprehensive range of products includes Danish trolleys, seedling trolleys, mobile workbenches, garden trolleys, engineering fences, and other sheet metal-based offerings.

    Our products are tailor-made to meet the unique and specific requirements of our customers and are widely utilized in gardening, floristry, logistics, nursery, aquaculture, and other similar industries. We pride ourselves on our top-of-the-line merchandise and prompt services, which are well-received by customers across generations. Our services extend to Europe, South America, Canada, Australia, and an additional 20 countries.

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