Advantages and disadvantages of pallet rack

The pallet racking is a kind of storage rack which is widely used. Why is it widely used? Enterprises often give priority to the use of this kind of warehouse rack, of course, there are reasons. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the pallet rack?

First, the advantages. In the storage rack, the galvanized pallet rack can adjust the height of the beam according to the requirements of the size of the goods. It has the advantages of low cost, quick installation, and disassembly, and can adapt to a variety of shipping machinery, building structure, and floor, and can make full use of the upper space of the warehouse. The goods can also be easily carried away, can achieve first in first out, goods can be 100% free selection. Moreover, it is convenient to manage the goods, which type of materials can be stored in this layer or on this pallet racking and shelving.

There is no requirement for the specification and weight of the goods on the warehouse pallet storage racks, that is, many types of goods are suitable for storage on the metal pallet racks. It is also one of the high-level storage racks and heavy-duty storage racks. The height can be designed to be 10 meters high, and the single-layer load-bearing capacity is as high as 4 tons. It is a kind of rack with no requirements for goods and warehouses in rack warehouse, but it can meet the storage effect that most customers want. It is widely used in the automobile, electronic industry, machinery, chemical industry, and other fields.

Although pallet rack storage has many advantages, it also has disadvantages. It needs a large amount of channel area, and the storage density is smaller than other systems, which will cause a certain waste of warehouse space. If you want to store the racks with very high density, you can consider drive in pallet rack, radio shuttle rack, and automated warehouse, and pallet rack is not the first choice.

Post time: Dec-28-2020