Applications of industrial cantilever storage racking

Industrial cantilever rack is a very special kind of heavy warehouse shelf. It can be seen from the structure that it is different from other warehouse shelves. There are two long cantilevers on the column. These unique shapes depending on the variety of goods it bears. What goods are suitable for the industrial cantilever warehouse racks?

The industrial cantilever storage rack is mainly used to store long goods, ring goods, plates, and pipes. Because of this diversity, the industrial cantilever storage rack is very popular in the market, which also lays the foundation for the cantilever shelf to be called a universal warehouse storage pallet racking.

1. Can store tubular materials

According to the different goods, the single armload of the warehouse storage cantilever racking for timber is as high as 800kg. Six long pipes can be stored on the industrial cantilever storage racks with a length of about 5m. 5m can be divided into four arms on one side, so the total load of the four arms is 3.2T. The load is very large.

2. Heavy duty warehouse cantilever racks can be used to hold raw materials of automobile
Cantilever metal rack can also store cars and other products, in addition to the long tube shape, the storage of goods is also very many types. The industrial cantilever lumber rack can adjust the distance between the cantilever according to the length of the goods, so as to maximize the use of storage cantilever pallet racking.

The industrial cantilever storage rack is a kind of customized storage rack, which can be customized according to the needs of customers, including length, width, height, and load-bearing, which also increases its flexible use function.

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Post time: Jan-04-2021