The difference between mezzanine floor and steel platform

Mezzanine shelving and  steel platform

Mezzanine shelving is a type of shelving developed from medium-sized shelving. It is a type of shelving where a loft floor is added to the middle of the column of medium-sized shelving for people to go upstairs and place goods. With the addition of handrails, stairs and other necessary equipment, a complete set of mezzanine shelving requires a strong design talent.

Modern steel construction platform is a steel manufacturing-based structure, steel platform structure usually consists of paving slabs, primary and secondary beams, columns, inter-column support, and ladders, railings, etc.. It is constructed in various ways, and has all the functions. The characteristics of its structure is fully assembled structure, flexible design, which can design and manufacture a steel platform that meets the site requirements and logistics requirements according to different site conditions. It is more commonly used in the modern storage.

Basic features of mezzanine racking


Mezzanine shelves are divided into medium-sized and heavy-duty mezzanine shelves. Mezzanine racking adopts the full combination structure, which is supported by the floor with shelves. Floor panels are usually selected from cold-rolled steel floor, patterned steel floor or steel grille floor, can be designed into multi-layer structure (usually 2-3 layers), and the ground floor to match the lighting system, set up with lifting platform, freight ladder, walking ladder, guardrail and so on.

Mezzanine shelves usually have a load-bearing capacity of 300KG-1000KG/m2, and the floor height is usually 2200mm-2500mm. The top shelf height is usually about 2000mm, taking into full consideration the convenience of staff operation.

Mezzanine shelves are suitable for high warehouse, light goods, manual access, storage of multiple types of goods, less volume. Access and management of goods are convenient such as storage of hardware tools, electronic equipment, mechanical parts and other items of small packages of loose parts and so on. Mezzanine shelving system in the electric power, machinery, automotive, electronics and other industries have more applications.

Mezzanine platform shelves fully consider humanized logistics, beautiful design and sturdy construction. Installation and disassembly is convenient.

The use of mezzanine shelves can be based on the user’s practical storage space design, manufacturing non-standard mezzanine shelves.

Basic features of steel platform


The characteristics of steel are high strength, light weight and high stiffness, so it is especially suitable for the construction of large span and super-high, super-heavy buildings.

Short construction period, a building of 300 square meters, only five people, thirty working days, can be done from construction to decoration in just one month. It can be said to save money, save time and save labor!

The high industrialization level of steel construction building and the high level of line mechanization can reduce the consumption of specialization, advance the efficiency and reduce the difficulty of construction. It fits well with the current stage of high speed and energy-saving society.
Steel structure is mainly used for the load-bearing skeleton of heavy workshops, plant structures subject to dynamic loads, plate and shell structures, upright TV towers and mast structures, bridges and libraries and other large-span structures, high-rise and super high-rise buildings.

The disadvantage is that the fire resistance and corrosion resistance are poor.


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