How to maintain the storage shelving racking

After using the storage shelving racking, the maintenance work is also the most important in the later use. Many enterprises may not pay attention to these details, but often details determine everything, maintenance work can not be ignored. How to maintain the storage shelving racking? We can take care of the metal storage racking equipment by wiping, cleaning, adjusting, and other methods to maintain and protect the service life of the warehouse rack equipment. No matter what kind of warehouse racking types, there will always be a variety of situations in the process of long-term use, such as forklift collision resulting in shelf deformation. The following are 8 maintenance measures for warehouse racks:

1. Regularly check the tightness of the warehouse racking bolt connection.

2. Regularly check the connection between beam and column for damage.

3. Regularly check the deformation and flatness of both ends of the guide rail.

4. Regularly check the deformation degree of the bracket, whether there is cracking and whether it is level with the ground.

5. Regularly check the condition of bollards for damage.

6. If there is paint off the rack parts, please repair the paint in time.

7. Regularly check the stability of the stable rack. You can stand on the middle and upper part of the rack to gently shake the warehouse rack to check its stability under stress.

8. Check the verticality of the racks regularly to see if there is any inclination.

Maintenance is an essential link in the use of warehouse storage racks, maintenance can make the storage rack life longer, better for the storage of goods. Pay attention to storage shelving racking maintenance and create more benefits for enterprises.

Post time: Nov-13-2020