Mini mezzanine floor

This project is located in Sydney Australian .The rack warehouse is originally for storing sports equipment of bikes .The mezzanine floor reasonably uses of the very limited warehouse space of and establishes an independent finished product storage area in the blank area beside of his racking system. The ground floor is a main aisle ,the first flooring for bikes. After improving the storage area , the warehouse becomes very tidy and the staffs greatly improved the working efficiency.

At the same time of reasonable utilization of limited space, the angle steel bracket connecting to the wall which strengthening the support on flooring and the loading capacity to 500kgs per square meter . The best scheme material selection is used to meet the storage requirements and meet the safety design standards. A double-side opening loading gate is available at the left side of the mezzanine, to which is connecting to the finishing products which are stored. The customer is very satisfied after the installation. This is another very successful case of our company’s steel platform.

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Post time: Jul-26-2021