Optimizing Warehouse or Garage Organization with Stackable Pallet Cages

Enhancing Efficiency with Customizable Solutions

In the quest for a well-organized warehouse or garage, the choice of storage solutions plays a pivotal role. One such solution gaining prominence is the stackable pallet cage – a standard logistics container designed for the storage of heavier or large items, offering mechanized turnover and handling. Particularly fitting for small and heavy hardware parts, these cages seamlessly integrate with forklifts, trolleys, hydraulic pallet trucks, and other equipment, catering to various aspects of logistics such as transportation, handling, loading, unloading, and storage.


Tailored to Your Needs: Customization and Unique Features

One standout feature of these stackable pallet cages is their customization capability. Each unit is crafted to meet specific requirements, ensuring a tailored storage solution for diverse needs. While we maintain a made-to-order approach and don’t stock pre-made units, we do have readily available stock for some popular configurations.


Solid Steel Pallet Cage: Sturdy and Foldable

Our solid steel pallet cage boasts a fully foldable and stackable design, striking a balance between robustness and flexibility. With a unit weight of approximately 75kg, it can handle a maximum weight loading capacity of 1000kg. The exterior dimensions measure 1200*1000*890mm, with an inner space of 1100*900*700mm. The materials include upright 40*40*1.8mm square tubes, bottom frame 40*40*1.5mm square tubes, and 1.2mm steel thickness for bottom and side panels. The side is further reinforced by 25*25*1.5mm square tubes.

Solid Steel Pallet Cage

Wire Mesh Pallet Cage: Lightweight and Versatile

For a lighter yet equally efficient option, our wire mesh pallet cage is fully foldable and stackable, weighing in at approximately 60kg. It can bear a maximum load of 1000kg. The exterior dimensions measure 1000*800*770mm, with an inner space of 900*700*550mm. Crafted from upright 30*30*2.0mm square tubes and 1.2mm steel thickness for bottom panels, the side mesh consists of 50*50*5.5mm squares. The structure is further fortified by 25*25*1.5mm square tubes.

Wire Mesh Pallet Cage

Enhanced Wire Mesh Pallet Cage with Hollow Board Option

Building on the wire mesh design, this variant, weighing approximately 75kg, offers the added advantage of a hollow board for safeguarding loaded workpieces. With the same maximum weight loading capacity of 1000kg, the exterior dimensions match the solid steel pallet cage at 1200*1000*890mm, with an inner space of 1100*900*700mm. The materials mirror the solid steel design, with the inclusion of a hollow board as an additional protective feature.

Wire Mesh Pallet Cage

Your Storage Solution, Your Way: Contact Us for Customization

Discover the difference that a customized storage solution can make for your warehouse or garage organization. Contact us to explore the myriad possibilities and create a storage solution that aligns perfectly with your unique needs and specifications. Elevate your storage game with our stackable pallet cages and experience a new level of efficiency and organization.

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Post time: Nov-16-2023