The higher the loading capacity, the better?

What is the loading capacity requirement? This question will definitely be asked when purchasing storage shelves for the first time. You will generally choose the loading capacity that suits your cargo’s weight. But some customers think that the higher the loading capacity, the better the quality. They may only need to put 200 kg of goods, but they buy the shelves with loading capacity more than 1 ton. In fact, the higher the loading capacity, the better?

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”, the shelves with high loading capacity are also expensive, and the quality is definitely better. As a professional racking manufacturer integrating design, production and sales, it is necessary to say: When purchasing storage racks, you should choose the rack structure according to your actual loading capacity needs. But if you choose the loading capacity much higher than the actual demand loading capacity of the shelves, will only result in economic waste. If you need to build a large storage racking system, it is best to provide your warehouse rack drawings.

You should know that the shelf with a large loading capacity may mean more consumables and higher prices, and the user’s investment cost will be higher. From the user’s perspective, it is very uneconomical. Even if not lack of money, there is no need to spend more prices to buy shelves with the same functional requirements. So as long as the loading capacity of shelves can meet the weight of the goods, it is not that the more higher loading capacity, the better.

Aceally shelves are divided into light-duty shelves, medium-duty shelves and heavy-duty shelves according to their loading capacity. When designing the shelf, we choose the thickness of the steel,the specifications and dimensions according to the weight of the goods and user’s requirements. For some light goods storage can choose light-duty shelves or medium shelves, while heavy goods storage needs to choose heavy-duty shelves.

Post time: Feb-01-2021