Three-dimensional warehouse rack manufacturers explain the versatility of plastic pallet size

Do you know about the versatility of plastic pallet size? For different uses, the plastic pallet sizes and specifications applicable in different countries are quite different. Today, the warehouse heavy duty pallet racks manufacturers will give you a brief introduction to the versatility of plastic pallet specifications and sizes.

1. Container

If the width of the shipping container is 2300mm and the pallet of 1200 * 1000mm is used, the combination of 1200mm in length and 1000mm in width should be used, and the plastic pallet with a 4-way fork should be selected. If 1200 * 800mm pallet is used, two groups of 800mm wide pallets should be placed side by side, either 2-way or 4-way. For 1100 * 1100mm pallets, the width of 1100mm can be used to place 2 columns, 2-way fork, or 4-way fork.

2. Stack rack

For example, if it is used on the stack heavy duty pallet rack of the warehouse rack manufacturer in the stereoscopic warehouse, the width and depth of the rack should be determined. Two pallets should be placed in each layer of the selective pallet rack, and about 200 mm of storage space should be reserved. In the depth direction, a large size is reserved to save the purchase cost.

3. Automated racks

For example, in addition to meeting the above conditions, we should also consider the factors such as the anti-skid coefficient of the pallet, the applicability of the bottom of the pallet and the chain transmission equipment, the height of the fork, the carrying capacity of the warehouse rack, the location of the barcode and the layout of the RFID chip.

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Post time: May-27-2021