Wire decking for 3 depth storage rack

Aceally(xiamen)Technology Co., Ltd made a new wire decking project for an Australian client , the biggest length is 4200mm, and then 3980mm for 3 depth storage rack. (pls see attached images)


Surface finishing : galvanized

Reinforce support bar : integrated support bar

Grid : 50*100

Wire thickness : 5.0mm

Loading capacity : 500kg / deck

It’s used for a mezzanine floor systerm , client requires wire decking for all levels including aisle part. The end user is an automatic machine factory , the warehouse is to store small components & parts of cars & machinery. As we all know , wire decking is an accessory for racking systerm to protect goods from falling through racks.

The whole project fill in in 8 -40HQ containers . before order confirmed, we have engineer to work out drawing of each wire decking in detail specification for final confirm , and ask Aceally production department to produce wire decking 100% based on confirmed design, especially wire thickness, grid , reinforce support bar height & thickness etc. During production,Aceally have QC inspect quality carefully (including thickness, grid , support bar, surface finishing , length, wideth , height , packing and quantity , loading container etc of wire decking )to make sure 100% good quality .

Aceally pay great attention to quality control , that’s why clients are satisfied with us .

If you have any suggestion in improving our service, welcome to tell us.

Post time: Jul-27-2021