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The durable galvanized steel pallet is stronger than plastic and the wooden pallet on loading capacity. Steel pallet is durable and hard to be damaged so that cost can be saved. Steel pallet is an indispensable part of the whole logistics chain. It is widely applied in all kinds of industries.

Nowadays durable steel pallet is often used with a racking system. Galvanized steel pallet has an advantage in cold warehouses. Powder painted steel pallet has many colors for your option.

Customers can book any color they want and like. While plastic pallets can’t fulfill this. Steel pallet is widely used in many industries. Due to its durable character, it gradually takes away wooden pallets and plastic pallet marketplace.

Advantages of Steel Pallet

1. Welded construction

2. Eliminates the need for wooden pallets

3. Heavy corrugated deck and stringers

4. Bacteria resistant

5. Easily cleanable

6. 100% recyclable and repairable

7. Contains holes for drainage

8. Large load capacity

9. Great for shipping

10. Available in standard colors and galvanized

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