Durable Storage Plastic Pallet


Plastic pallets for the textile industry are ecological, robust, and certified. The product range includes large plastic containers, plastic containers with wheels, and plastic pallets with various load capacities, all of which are designed to withstand the corrosive and deteriorating effects of chemical agents (colorants, dyes, etc.) and weathering.

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Durable plastic storage pallets can be easily cleaned making them ideal for a variety of environments including food, beverage, and pharmaceutical, and come in vented and solid styles, as well as a variety of materials including FDA-approved or fire retardant, depending on your specific needs.

Plastic folding pallets for the textile industry are modular, foldable, and stackable. These characteristics provide for significant space savings during both storage and transport operations.

When you use the nestable plastic pallets for your warehouse. You’ll be saving money because the plastic pallet product is more durable, longer-lasting, and tougher than wooden pallets. Why rely on traditional wooden pallets which will break, rot, or deteriorate in bad conditions? Get the pallet that will lift up your load reliably for years and years.

Size for your choice
dynamic loading
racking loading
static loading
static loading
2000 kg
1000 kg
 6500 kg

Above listed data are for reference, We also can design and produce according to the customer’s requirement.

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