Stackable Plastic Storage Container


The plastic storage container is attached to lid containers with an integral hinged lid. Tamper-evident security to reduce losses and deter theft of high-risk or high-value goods in transit with smooth internal surfaces.

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The stackable industrial plastic storage container can be great for shipping specialized products in manufacturing. The small industrial containers work best for small assemblies and plastic parts. Often industrial plastic storage containers contain internal dunnage (specifically designed for your parts).

The dunnage protects the parts in the plastic tote containers. Plastic industrial plastic storage containers are often made from HDPE, a very strong material that enables the containers to last for several years. Over time, these containers offer significant cost savings when compared with cardboard boxes.    

The plastic storage container is strong and impact-resistant, tote boxes stack seven high.
The plastic storage containers are compatible with all types of automated handling equipment. Lids hand vertically when open to prevent catching on conveyor sides.

For the plastic storage container, we offer security seals, label holders, and personalized print. Dollies are also available for easy transportation of containers.

It’s a reasonable design, excellent quality, suitable for logistics transportation, distribution, storage, and distribution processing.

Features of Plastic Storage Container

Can be Stackable

Durable, hygienic, non-toxic, and convenient

Optimize storage space

Corrosion-resistant and easy to clean

Different sizes are available


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