Folding grid logistics rolling security container cage

Folding rolling security container cage, also called cargo cart or cage trolley, is a kind of unit mobile assembly equipment installed with four casters that can be folded to transport and store materials. It is commonly used in the logistics distribution of large supermarkets or the logistics turnover between processes in factories. Logistics cart is a good tool for logistics industry and production industry, which can make the production line space operate as much as possible.

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Aceally’s new folding grid  logistics rolling security container cage , plastic base plate and iron base plate logistics cart can be widely used in the warehouse, logistics and distribution turnover. It can ensure that the goods are not damaged in the process of handling, while ensuring the safety of the staff, its own weight is relatively light and beautiful and practical, with folding characteristics, effectively help you save space.

Product features

●Four-door structure, upper and lower doors can be opened and closed separately.

●High-quality castor configuration, silent, labor-saving and durable.

Process characteristics

● Synchronous hinge device: Guaranteed 270 ° Rotation is self-contained; the new clip is used in the chain to avoid the door to deform due to self-weight after long-term use.

● Removal of the middle plate: can be folded synchronously with the trolley, more convenient operation.

● Door bolts self-locking anti-theft device, safe and secure; door plug self-locking anti-vibration or impact generation; prevent people from turning on lock fixed, anti-theft reinforcement.

● Standard casters configuration: 6 inch 20,000 direction, 20,000 header with brake mute rubber wheel.

Folding rolling security container cage folding process

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