Four layers of stainless steel shelves

  • Product Material: 201 stainless steel
  • Number of shelf levels: Four layers of stainless steel shelves
  • Overall size: H1130*W350*D350mm
  • Customized or not: Customizable
  • Product Detail

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    Aceally stainless steel shelves made of high quality 201 stainless steel raw materials have the following four major benefits.

    1、Stainless steel plate
    2、Environmentally friendly and healthy
    3、Corrosion and moisture resistant
    4、Sturdy and durable


    4 layers of anti-corrosion and anti-rust protection

    ●201 stainless steel layer
    ● Anti-corrosion and anti-rust layer
    ●High temperature sealing layer
    ●Degreasing and decontamination layer
    ●Chemical polishing layer


    Stainless steel product features

    ● Strong single-layer capacity
    ●Adjustable layer plate
    ●Thick and solid laminate
    ●Stable triangular joint without shaking
    ●Oil and stain resistant

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