Stainless steel work platform

Steel storage work platforms provide the perfect solution for increasing storage area capacity simply and without renovation. They may have one or more levels. Using them can help achieve maximum and optimal use of the entire floor area and storage platform floor.

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Steel work platform

Steel storage platforms are mainly used for installation in warehouses and inside plants. They are installed on high-quality concrete floors with sufficient load-bearing capacity. Storage platform construction is designed taking into account all relevant technical specifications and safety regulations. The steel platform construction is always designed according to the requirements and demands of the user. Therefore, each platform is unique. The quotation includes a free estimate and project design; delivery and installation of the platform construction can also be included at the customer’s request. In addition, we offer inspection options in addition to warranty and post-warranty services.


Composition of Steel Platforms

Steel platforms are self-supporting prefabricated structures made of partially welded components. They are made of standard rolled and cold-formed steel sections and are reinforced with stabilizer bars with tensioners. It is not standard practice to anchor steel deck structures to the columns or walls of a building, as this may compromise the structural integrity of the building. In order to use the platform, the space must have a minimum height of 4.5 meters. Our design has a minimum ceiling height of 2.1 meters. The platforms can be equipped with various accessories such as lifts, chutes, nets, labels, lighting, etc.


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