Heavy duty steel structure platform for sale

A steel platform is a type of structure used to create a part of an intermediate floor, similar to a balcony. Steel platforms, sometimes called mezzanines, facilitate the use of overhead warehouse space with custom designs to meet the specific needs and capabilities of your space. Steel decks can be temporary or semi-permanent structures.

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Steel storage platforms applications

Steel storage platforms are mainly used for installation inside warehouses and factory buildings. These are installed on top of a high quality concrete floor with sufficient load-bearing capacity. They are designed taking into account all relevant technical specifications and safety regulations.

The steel platform structures are always designed according to the user’s requirements and demands. Therefore, each platform is unique. The quotation includes a free estimate as well as the project design; delivery and installation of the platform structure is also available upon request. In addition, we offer inspection options in addition to warranty and post-warranty services.

Heavy duty steel structure platform


The great advantages of building mezzanines with steel

For many reasons, steel is an excellent material for industrial or commercial walkways or passageways.

High Strength 

Steel has extremely high tensile strength. It is a durable alloy made of strong materials that stop dislocations at the atomic level. You can count on steel’s strength no matter how heavy the load or how harsh the conditions.


Steel doesn’t rot, doesn’t burn, and bugs have no appetite for it. If your platform is located outdoors or in unstable industrial conditions, it’s the only choice. High temperatures, extreme cold, gusty winds or torrential rains, you can count on steel.


Steel is one of the world’s most recycled materials, with a global recycling rate of over 90%. It can be melted and remanufactured an unlimited number of times without losing its structural integrity, making it highly sustainable.


For all its benefits, steel is actually very cost-effective. Because building with steel takes much less time than building with other materials, it can save you money on labor. Steel fabrication is also a profitable process, and we pass on the savings to our customers.

Surface Finishing 

Whatever environmental conditions may pose a risk to your steel, surface finishing can provide the protection you need.

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