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Aceally’s aisle end warehouse rack protectors are designed to fit all types of pallet racking applications, protecting the bottom of the columns where serious damage is most prone to take place.

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Your warehouse racking system serves as the backbone of any warehouse or distribution center operation. Warehouse racks are a substantial and necessary front-end investment that is critical to the efficient operation of the operation and achieving maximum productivity. Bearing this in mind, rack protection must be a priority for both the warehouse and the DC.

At the end of the rack row is the location where the forklift turns and is hence the most vulnerable to damage. Such damage can become fatal if not addressed quickly. A pallet rack with a damaged frame can collapse due to the excessive weight of the pallet. Avoid damage by adding rear protectors and aisle protectors to the ends.

End of Rack Aisle Protector and Usage Scenario Diagram


The advantages of end-of-aisle rack protection

●Improves worksite safety

●Reduces damage to rack systems from expensive forklifts

●Reduces the chance of rack failure

●Bright yellow powder coating aids visual identification

●Increases lift range of pallet racking systems


Specifications of end-of-aisle rack protection

●12″ high x 5/16″ thick steel construction

●5″ x 3″ x 7/16″ thick steel angle base

●Available in right, left or double end design

●Mounts 3/4″-dia. anchors (sold separately)

●42″ and 48″ lengths in stock

●Available filler angle lengths

●Custom sizes and designs available

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