Pallet Racking Upright Post Protectors


The upright protector is a shield that fits around the frame column. The purpose of rack upright post protectors are to guard against accidental damage that may occur during collisions with forklift trucks.

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The racking upright protectors will reduce the damage caused by impact loads. Especially for installations with fast-moving products or heavy products upright protectors are essential for the safety and durability of the racking.

The upright protector is easy to install and use, no more tools or spare parts required. Small in size and can be stacked together. High flexibility, suitable for pallet rack of various sizes.

Pallet racking upright protectors have a beautiful appearance and use as protection and guards as well. It can protect the rack from damages of forklift, thus extending the service life of rack.

Use HDPE as a material. Compared with traditional steel or PVC type, it’s more durable with high strength, impact resistance, good toughness, and nice appearance.

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