Pallet Rack Upright Frames

●Pallet rack upright frames feature teardrop punch pattern every 2″.

●Horizontally and diagonally braced frames create a strong, stable system.

●Standard prepunched footplates make anchoring easy.

●Corrosion-resistant finish.


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Pallet rack upright frames are a key component of pallet rack systems used in warehouses and distribution centers for storing palletized products. They are vertical structures with horizontal beams attached that create levels for pallets to rest on. Upright frames are typically made of steel and come in varying heights, depths, and capacities to accommodate different storage needs.

The design and strength of pallet rack upright frames play a crucial role in the safety and efficiency of the overall storage system. It is important to ensure the proper upright frame size and capacity is selected for the load being stored and the specific application. Many manufacturers such as Aceally offer a range of upright frame options, including bolted and welded frames, as well as adjustable beam levels for flexibility in storage configuration.

Overall, pallet rack upright frames are an essential element of any pallet racking system and should be carefully selected and maintained to ensure safe and efficient storage of palletized products.

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