Pallet Rack Accessories Safety Pin

The safety pin of the pallet rack is used to insert the safety pin into the connecting hole after the shelf beam is connected to the shelf column. It can effectively prevent the separation of the column and the beam due to collision during use.

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Pallet rack safety pin

Pallet rack safety pin is a standard part commonly used in warehouse racks. Used to fix the connection between the rack beam and the column.

Pallet rack safety pins generally have two specifications of 4mm and 6mm. The small ones are used on light and medium-sized storage racks, and the large ones are used on heavy-duty storage racks.

The pallet rack safety pins are made of 304 stainless steel, which can resist rust and oxidation in a humid environment and is more durable.

Features of Pallet Rack Safety Pin

1. Iron material

2. Powder coating finish/ galvanized

3. Standard design suit for most of the racking system on the market

4. Make upon your request available

Pallet rack safety pin Pallet rack safety pin

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