Maximizing Storage Efficiency: The Dynamics of Carton Live Racking

Introduction to Carton Live Storage Racking

Carton Live Storage Racking, also referred to as sliding shelves, utilizes roller aluminum alloy, sheet metal, and other fluent strips. This storage solution leverages the self-weight of the goods shelf to enable first-in-first-out storage, allowing for convenient access from one side of the channel while picking up goods from the other side.


Structural Features of Fluent Racking

The runners of fluent racking are directly connected to the front and rear crossbeams, along with the middle support beams. Crossbeams are hung on pillars, and the inclination of the runners’ installation depends on cargo box size, weight, and runner depth, typically ranging from 5% to 9%. Each roller in the fluent strip has a loading capacity of 6KG, and for heavy goods, 3-4 fluent strips can be installed in one raceway. Support beams are usually installed every 0.6m in the depth direction to enhance runner rigidity.


High Storage Efficiency and Versatility

Carton Live Storage Racking boasts high storage efficiency, making it suitable for large quantities of short-term storage of goods. The system ensures smooth running, low noise, good acid and alkali resistance, and non-hygroscopic properties. Moreover, it can operate in ultra-low temperatures as low as -40 ℃, making it ideal for various environments. This racking solution finds applications primarily in manufacturing, logistics, and other related fields.


Key Characteristics of Carton Live Storage Racking


Roller-Type Aluminum Alloy for First-In-First-Out:

The use of roller-type aluminum alloy facilitates the self-weight mechanism, ensuring a first-in-first-out arrangement of goods.

Convenient Access and Versatility:

The design allows for convenient access, making it suitable for assembly lines on both sides, distribution centers, and similar environments.

Optimal for Large Quantity Storage:

Carton Live Storage Racking is particularly suitable for storing a large quantity of the same kind of goods, with a high space utilization rate. This makes it a preferred choice for auto parts factories.

Integration with Electronic Labels for Information Management:

The system can be equipped with electronic labels, enabling effective information management of goods within the storage setup.



Explore the world of Carton Live Storage Racking, a dynamic solution for efficient and versatile storage. This sliding shelf system, employing roller aluminum alloy and fluent strips, enables a first-in-first-out arrangement, ensuring convenient access to goods. The structural features, high storage efficiency, and adaptability to various environments make it an ideal choice for manufacturing, logistics, and auto parts factories.

With key characteristics such as roller-type aluminum alloy, convenient access, optimal large quantity storage, and integration with electronic labels, this system offers a comprehensive solution for information management and space utilization in industrial settings.


Carton Live Storage Racking

Post time: Jan-24-2024