How to deal with the disorder of rack warehouse

The way to deal with the disordered rack warehouse

1. Strengthen the daily cleaning work, and do a good job of cleaning the worksite. The key points of this solution are determination, persistence, and time.

2. Due to the disordered rack warehouse caused by the improper arrangement of warehouse location, the focus of management is to replace the operation method of temporary arrangement and subjective reservation with the operation mode of planning to guide the actual operation. The warehouse shall make a rough storage capacity plan and arrival plan according to the sales situation of products in each stage. In case of special circumstances, such as product prices, holiday season sales promotion activities caused by the increase or decrease in inventory, need to make timely location changes.

Through the reasonable planning of the warehouse and daily cleaning work, the messy state of the warehouse can be roughly changed.

How to deal with inventory redundancy in rack warehouse

1. Cause: inventory redundancy caused by purchase and sales errors due to inaccurate data.

Solution: Generally, if the problem of a messy rack warehouse is solved with quality and quantity guaranteed, half of the problem of inaccurate data has been solved. As for how to ensure correct data, there are three tasks to be completed:

1) Strengthen the check work of in and out, including the compound work of in and out and the clear handover of responsibilities in each stage.

2) Do a good job in document preservation and verification, manual document entry will inevitably lead to errors, which leads to the verification of documents is particularly important.

3) Establish the concept that there must be documents when the goods enter or leave the warehouse. However, in reality, there are often special issues that need temporary access, so it is necessary to adopt some flexible temporary registration system.

2. Reason: because the product classification is not clear, the old and new good and bad products are not clearly classified, resulting in dull products.

Treatment method:

1) The pallet rack warehouse must set up an area to place the products in various states and strictly separate them.

2) Set a regular check time to check the status and quantity of products in each area, especially the number of products in the abnormal area, abnormal status and reasons should be fully recorded, and then report to the processing department, and track the processing situation from time to time.

3. Reason: other

How to deal with this kind of problem: the key to deal with this kind of problem is to strengthen the communication between departments, such as the smooth information exchange of purchasing department, sales department, and logistics department, which can often avoid redundant inventory caused by many external decision-making mistakes. As for the decision-making, the error is often difficult to judge, but the logistics department also needs to pay attention to this kind of redundant inventory, to find a solution, must not be placed because it is not their own reason.

Post time: May-11-2021