Warehouse Selective Pallet Racking System


The warehouse selective pallet racking consists of a set of vertical frames, which are connected in various ways by horizontal beams, and provide storage for pallets or non-pallet products according to the rack configuration and the beam supports used.

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There are types of pallet racking systems, which come in two varieties: single deep or double deep. Single deep selective racking is the most common type of pallet rack system in use, and it is also one of the basic storage types with the lowest cost.

This is the type of racking system popularly used in many warehouses. Single deep selective pallet rack offers access to every location giving users flexibility in warehouse product storage and retrieval.


Though single deep racking is flexible and at a low cost, it comes at the cost of warehouse space utilization. This can only increase warehouse space utilization by using higher elevator technology to reduce aisle space.

Selective pallet racking systems are the best choice when:

  • 100% access is required or desired;
  • A large number of SKU’s are handled relative to total storage;
  • Access trumps cube utilization.

To learn more about selective pallet racks and pallet rack systems, contact Aceally warehouse racking storage solutions.

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