Galvanized Selective Pallet Rack Storage Systems

Roll-formed selective rack stands as the industry’s most popular and functional pallet rack storage system. It serves as the optimal solution for industrial warehouse racking systems, specifically designed for storing palletized products. These racks offer versatility and can accommodate a wide variety of goods.

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The pallet rack storage system is a steel storage structure that enables easy access to multi-layer stacked inventory. Galvanized pallet rack storage systems offer optimal storage density while ensuring convenient access to inventory. Aceally pallet racking system is known for its reconfigurability, ease of assembly, and efficient utilization.


Pallet Rack Systems Structure

Pallet rack systems typically consist of the following components:

Cross beams:

These horizontal bars are also known as step beams or load-bearing bars. They are connected to the upright frame in a grid pattern. The spacing between the bays in the grid is determined by the distance between the step beam and the upright.

Upright frames:

These vertical structures have holes at regular intervals, allowing them to be easily connected with the step beams. The upright frames provide the main support for the pallet rack system.

Stabilizing components:

To enhance stability and create a secure storage platform, warehouse pallet racking systems often incorporate spacers, ties, wire mesh decks, and braces. These components help prevent the structure from shifting or collapsing.


Not all pallet rack systems are matched for other warehouses.

We understand the importance of efficient and productive warehouse operations. Our team of professional engineers specializes in designing pallet rack systems customized to meet your specific needs. We take into consideration factors such as the size, shape, and weight of the materials to be stored in order to create the most optimal storage solution for your warehouse.

By tailoring the pallet storage racking system to your specific requirements, we aim to enhance your warehouse’s efficiency and productivity.

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