Warehouse Metal Selective Pallet Racking System


Selective racking is the most commonly used pallet rack system in the warehouse. Because it is easy to install, low cost and can be reconfigured to meet future inventory increases or decreases.

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The most popular selective pallet rack system is designed with Aceally’s boltless, roll-formed high-strength steel. The warehouse pallet racking system also has debris resistant, easy to clean structural steel, suitable for food handling environments.

A cover plate can be added to the beam to support products placed directly on the metal pallet racks, rather than shelf or pallet storage.


Advantages of Selective Racking

(1)Direct and easy access to all storage pallets.

(2)It saves time to process one pallet without moving the other.

(3)Each location is a separate pallet location for inventory control.

(4)The loading capacity of goods is flexibility, both in terms of weight and volume.

(5)The height can be adjusted at all levels.




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