VNA Very Narrow Aisle Racking System

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) racking is a highly efficient and space-saving storage solution that builds upon the advantages of traditional pallet racking systems. One key feature is its ability to allow forklifts to access goods in extremely narrow aisles, maximizing storage density and efficiency. This system enables 100% picking accessibility, ensuring that goods can be retrieved at any time.


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Very Narrow Aisle Racking Structure:

The very narrow aisle racking system primarily comprises pallet racking, with guide rails installed on both sides of the narrow aisle, constructed from unequal angle steel. A specialized high forklift smoothly maneuvers along these guide rails. The aisle width is slightly wider than the pallet, optimizing storage for high-density applications.


Advantages of Very Narrow Aisle Racking:

●Achieves a remarkable space utilization rate of up to 95%, potentially reaching 100%.

●Facilitates excellent access flow and efficient high-level storage.

●Allows flexible forklift access within the narrow aisle.

●Supports high-speed forklift operations.

●Ensures a stable and secure storage environment through controlled raw material processing.


Applications of Very Narrow Aisle Racking:

●Ideal for storing goods with large quantities and frequent access requirements.

●Suitable for warehouses or logistics centers experiencing a sudden surge in high-level storage needs.

●Meets the efficiency demands of advanced logistics operations.

●Appropriate for warehouses with a net height not less than 8 meters.

●Designed for use with specialized logistics forklifts within very narrow aisles, excluding outdoor use.


Considerations for Very Narrow Aisle Racking:

●The system is narrower than traditional pallet racking, typically ranging from 1600mm to 2000mm in width, enhancing space utilization.

Heavy-duty very narrow aisle racking necessitates skilled operators for high-level forklifts, especially during loading and unloading processes.

Guide rails are approximately 200 mm high, and protective plates can be installed during warehouse construction or pallet racking installation to minimize risks associated with forklift operation.

Setting guide rails reduces operational demands on forklift drivers compared to other racking systems.

Construction must account for fire prevention and earthquake resistance in the very narrow aisle racking system.

●Ground flatness and wear resistance are crucial for ensuring overall safety within the warehouse racking system.

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