VNA Very Narrow Aisle Racking System


Warehouse very narrow aisle racking inherits all the advantages of pallet racking system, and forklift can pick up goods at any time to achieve 100% picking.

High storage efficiency and density bring high productivity and cost-effective innovation to the logistics center using vna racking.

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The very narrow aisle racking is mainly composed of pallet racking, and the guide rail is installed on both sides of the bottom of the very narrow aisle, which is made of unequal angle steel.

Professional high forklift moves along the guide rail.The channel is slightly wider than the pallet for high density storage.


Very Narrow Aisle Racking Advantages:

● The space utilization rate can reach 95% and the highest can reach 100%.

● Good access flow and high level storage.

● Forklift can pick up goods flexibly in the corridor.

● High speed forklift.

● Controllable raw material processing provides stable and safe storage environment.


Very Narrow Aisle Racking Applications:

● Goods with large quantities and frequent access.

● The sudden increase of high level storage requirements in warehouse or logistics center.

● Efficient logistics requirements.

● Warehouse with net height not less than 8m.

● The supporting logistics forklift is only suitable for use in vna very narrow aisle, without outdoor work demand.


Very Narrow Aisle Racking Attention Matters:

● The vna racking system is slightly narrower than that of ordinary pallet racking systems, and its width is generally between 1600mm and 2000mm, which greatly improves the space utilization rate.

Heavy duty very narrow aisle racking need skilled operators of high-level forklifts to drive forklifts, especially when loading and unloading goods.

● The guide rail of vna racking is generally 200 mm high, and protective plate can be set during warehouse construction or pallet racking installation.

By setting guide rails, the risks caused by improper operation of forklift can be greatly reduced, and the operational requirements of drivers can be slightly lower than that of drive in pallet racking.

● The factors of fire prevention and earthquake resistance must be considered in the construction of very narrow aisle racking.The flatness and wear resistance of the ground is necessary for the overall safety of the warehouse racking system.


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