Steel Cantilever Racking System for Steel Plate

Aceally outside storage rack cantilever racking is used where long items storage is required. It is frequently used for storing building construction materials.

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Aceally outside storage rack cantilever racking is designed for high-density storage without a special pathway. The forklift would drive in the aisles when loading or picking pallets.

Cantilever racking systems have good storage density, suitable for material warehouse or cycle warehouse with high efficiency or timely operation.

Features of Cantilever Racking

1. Loading capacity of the shelf can reach from 2.5t to 6t on one side, and 5t to 12t on both sides.

2. maximum the utilization of your space.

3. Assemble and disassemble easily and conveniently, so it can be recyclable.

4. Lower price with higher quality and stronger intensity structure.

5. various colors for your choice, and with powder spraying in the surface treatment.

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