Warehouse Cantilever Storage Racks for Lumber

The warehouse cantilever storage racks for lumber provide optimal support, strength, and capacity for efficiently storing lumber, pipes, and other lengthy, flat items. The cantilever arms are easily adjustable, allowing for seamless accommodation of various bundle sizes. 

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The warehouse cantilever storage racks for lumber offered by Aceally provide maximum support, strength, and capacity for the storage of lumber, pipes, and other long, flat items with ease. The easily adjustable cantilever arms make it convenient to accommodate various bundle sizes. This solution is not only efficient but also cost-effective for storing long and irregular items.

Aceally offers a range of cantilever racks, including heavy-duty, mid-duty, and light-duty options.


Features of Cantilever Racking:

●Suitable for organizing and storing long and narrow goods.

●Easy installation with complete accessories.

●Designed for compatibility with working forklifts.

●Loading capacity ranging from 2.5t to 6t on one side and 5t to 12t on both sides.

●Maximizes the utilization of your space.

●Easy and convenient assembly and disassembly, making it recyclable.

●Offers a lower price with higher quality and a stronger intensity structure.

●Various colors available for your choice, with surface treatment including powder spraying.

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