Industrial Pallet Rack Shelving

Industrial pallet rack shelving is a type of storage system used to store palletized goods and materials in a warehouse or distribution center. Pallet racks are typically made of steel and consist of vertical uprights, horizontal beams, and diagonal braces. The system is designed to support heavy loads, making it ideal for industrial and commercial applications.

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The industrial pallet rack shelving is the most simple and effective diversified pallet rack and shelving, which is suitable for placing goods on pallets, is used with forklifts for storage. The storage shelf storage operation is flexible and fast, with strong selectivity, the storage pallet rack shelving can be first-in-first-out, and the turnover rate is high. 1000-5000KG/layer pallet rack specifications can be customized according to different spaces and goods.


Characteristics of Industrial Pallet Rack Shelving

1. Fully combined structure of pallet rack storage shelves, easy and fast disassembly and assembly, and flexible application.

2. The storage shelf column is equipped with an adjustable hole distance of 75mm, and the distance between layers can be flexibly adjusted according to the height of the goods.

3. Pallet rack shelving load: 1000-5000KG/layer. Pallet rack specifications can be tailored to different spaces and goods.

4. Common specifications of pallet rack storage shelves: L2700*D1000L2300*D1000L2700*D800L2700*D900

5. Material of shelving pallet rack: steel

6. Material packaging for pallet rack storage shelves: stretch film or bubble bag packaging

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