How Wire Decking Adds Value to Pallet Racking?

Steel wire decking is specifically used for pallet racking shelving, allowing one to stack products on the shelves without using pallets. Steel wire bridges provide additional stability and protection for pallet racking compared to conventional pallet support beams alone. A variety of protective coatings are available, depending on the environment in which the decking is used: painted, powder coated and galvanized steel wire decking.


What is wire decking for pallet racking?

The open weave pattern of a mesh wire floor is made of strong metal. The decking is partially installed between or above the support beams of the pallet racking, depending on the type. Anything that falls from the pallet is caught by the wire panels, preventing spills or lost objects from falling to the floor. If items fall from the pallet onto the pallet below or onto the floor without a wire mesh floor, they may be lost.


Why choose wire decking over others?


Wear resistant

Wire mesh decking is made of strong and durable materials. Unlike wood, which can warp and crack, Net-Railing HML’s wire trim panels do not experience these problems. Galvanized flooring reduces the likelihood of forklifts or pallets damaging the floor. Because wire flooring for pallet racking does not deteriorate as quickly as hardwood panels, it is a longer term investment in maintaining the pallets and their loads. Decorative is an investment in good warehouse equipment that will last for years, even with heavy use.


No cutting

Wire decking does not involve cutting and can only be installed between beams, whereas wood decking can. To ensure a perfect fit, each deck fits the specified rack size. In addition, unlike waterfall decking, wood cannot hold beams in place. Lumber that is not properly cut may fall off the rack or be loosely installed. Why waste time finding the right fit when providing the correct size wire decking between step beams or box beams?


Lower cost

The cost of cutting, installing and replacing the boards for a rack system overtime will be significantly higher than the cost of wire decking built specifically for the rack. Once installed, wire trim panels require minimal or no maintenance. The durability of the platform reduces the cost of the platform over the entire life cycle of the pallet rack it is installed on. Buyers find the price of hardwood decking and wire decking for shelving to be comparable. Considering the time it takes to install the boards and replace them regularly, the cost of wire panels is much lower.



Wire decking is more durable than wood. Wire mesh decking can support a wide range of weights. aceally’s wire mesh decking is available in three different euro sizes, with load capacities ranging from 300 to 1000 kg. The weight supported by the deck must not be greater than the capacity of the shelf. Such high weights are too heavy for wood. In addition, when wood gets wet or ages, it weakens, reducing the total amount it can hold over time.


Better lighting

Mesh decking allows light to pass through, while solid wood panels prevent it from doing so. As a result, employees below deck can still see well. By retaining lighting in the area, the wire panels prevent tripping risks, making it safer for employees.


Aceally for pallet rack deck options

If you have pallet racking, replace the wire mesh decking with appropriate wire mesh decking. To get started on selecting the right trim panels, contact us using our online quote form. We will work with you to create a unique quotation based on your needs. Let us work with you to improve your facility’s ability to retain what you need safely and efficiently.



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Post time: May-25-2022