Danish cart – Multifunctional garden warehouse cart

Danish Shopping Cart

Danish trolleys are the most popular method of ( in-house ) transport in agriculture and horticulture. Especially potted plants and ornamental plants are often transported on Danish trolleys. As well as internal transport, flower carts are often used for display purposes. You may have seen trolleys full of Danish plants in supermarkets, DIY stores or other stores. Flower trolleys are often used in Dutch gardening and are also known as “Dutch trolleys” in other countries.

The special feature of the Danish cart is that it can be used both at the beginning of the chain (at the gardener) and at the end of the chain (at the garden center where the end user buys the plants). At the beginning of the chain, the cart is used as a storage and transport tool, and at the end as a display tool. By placing the shelves at an angle in the cart, flowers and plants can be beautifully presented to the shopping public.

The versatility of the Danish cart (also called auction cart or cc container) ensures that it is often used in other industries and branches. It can be used as an order picking roll container, a stacking rack or as an alternative to a tiered cart for internal transport.

What makes the cart even more flexible in use is that the shelves can be placed not only horizontally and tilted (depending on whether the cart is used as a display container), but also at different heights. This means that carts can be used for both small/low items and taller items.


Danish Shopping Cart – Features

Aceally offers a sturdy and easy to handle Danish trolley or flower cart with the following product specifications.

● Total load capacity cart 350 kg
● Wire capacity 50 kg per shelf
● Self-weight cart with 3 shelves, 37 kg
● Self-weight 4 kg per shelf
●Cart size 1350x565x1900 mm
●Shelf size 1275×555 mm


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