The necessity of training employees on shelf inspection

What makes it important for your employees to understand the regulatory and safety aspects of shelving?

Warehouses are hazardous places where negligence and inattention can at best result in monetary loss, and in the most unfortunate cases, even loss of life. Supervisory checks on your equipment are mandatory, but not always sufficient!

Therefore, training your staff on the risks involved will ensure that your pallet racking is inspected on a daily basis, as they will be able to conduct a systematic audit of the condition of the equipment, identify damaged or dangerous situations, and propose corrective actions to correct these situations and avoid any accidents. 

Furthermore, understanding that your employees can ensure their own safety will reduce everyone’s stress and may increase productivity. You will create a favorable and peaceful work environment.


The Importance of Rack Inspection Training

For all warehouse owners who train their employees in shelf inspection, the benefits will be substantial, as employees will be able to reach their full potential. Here, I give you three short but relevant reasons why shelf inspector training is important for your company.



Employees trained in self-inspection shelving systems are self-reliant and can work on a daily basis without you as the company owner having to worry about compliance with safety standards. Trained employees feel more independent and are trusted by their employers, which helps boost company morale. That’s not to say you should never have your shelves inspected by a SEMA-approved inspector – the Health and Safety Executive recommends at least an annual inspection.


Be proactive

There’s a huge difference between hanging around waiting for someone to tell you that your shelves are unsafe and taking proactive steps to ensure they meet safety standards. Waiting for an inspection is almost like waiting for a potential accident to happen! Shelf inspection trained staff use shelving every day and are likely to notice failures as soon as they occur.


Group Communication

As they go about their daily activities, a group of people with the same training will have a group discussion about the issue at hand. If only one person is trained in shelf safety, it becomes a series of instructions from someone who knows the rules to someone who doesn’t, which is never a very effective way to communicate.

The importance of trusting and training employees in shelf safety should never be diminished. As far as workplace accidents are concerned, prevention is always better than cure.




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Post time: May-06-2022