Pallet Live Racking: Working principle and Characteristics You’ll Ever Need to Know

What is Pallet Live Racking ?

Live pallet racking belongs to the pallet type storage racking in the storage racking. Gravity racking is a first-in-first-out storage method, and the depth of the racking and the number of levels can be determined on demand. Gravity racking is suitable for storing large quantities of the same kind of goods, with high space utilization.


How Pallet Live Racking works?

Pallet live racking, also known as self-sliding shelf, is one of the derivatives of beam shelf. The structure of shelf is similar to that of beam shelf, except that roller track is installed on the beam, and the track is inclined at 3-5. The roller line is inclined and fixed on the shelf beam at a certain angle, and the pallet is put in from the high end and slides down by its own gravity along the roller line. In order to control the pallet to slide down at a set speed and avoid large impact force, a damping system is set at regular intervals on the roller line. The tray separating mechanism is arranged at the low end, which is used to separate two adjacent trays at the lowest end, so as to ensure that the trays at the outlet can be taken out smoothly. Gravity shelf has the highest utilization rate of space, and truly realizes the principle of “first-in, first-out”, with the same safety and operation efficiency as beam shelf.

Gravity shelf is a kind of storage shelf. Its principle is that a guide rail with a certain slope (the height of the warehousing end is higher than that of the outbound end) is installed on the channel on each floor of the shelf, and the warehousing pallet goods flow from the inbound end to the outbound end under the action of gravity. There is no operation channel between groups of shelves, which increases the space utilization rate by 60% and improves the volume ratio of storage. Tray operation follows the principle of first-in, first-out, and automatically stores rotation. The separation of storage and picking greatly increases the output. Because the goods slide by gravity and there is no operation channel, the number of transportation routes and forklifts is reduced.

live pallet racking systems

The characteristics of pallet live racking

The characteristics of live storage racking are that each cargo compartment is a slide with a certain slope, each slide can be put into the dry goods unit, the high end of the shelf slide is the inbound end, and the low end is the outbound end.
When entering the warehouse, the stacker crane or forklift will send the cargo unit into the warehouse end, and the cargo unit will slide from the inbound end to the outbound end under the action of gravity, and keep sliding to the outbound end or the back of the existing cargo unit; when it is necessary to leave the warehouse, the stacker crane or forklift will take away the first cargo unit at the outbound end, and the cargo unit behind it will slide to the first cargo position at the outbound end.

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