Precautions for use of pallet rack protector

Heavy duty pallet rack is one of the common types of warehouse racks. Because of its heavy load, it needs to be fully protected. The foot protection of heavy duty storage rack is an important safety protection accessory.

1. Steel pallet rack protector

This kind of pallet rack protector is usually directly produced by heavy duty pallet rack manufacturers, and it is also an ideal and common heavy duty pallet rack protector. We suggest that it is better to choose the heavy duty pallet rack protector, which is formed by bending once, which is more firm and durable. Because it is produced by storage rack manufacturers, so there is no need to install the problem, but supporting the racking project to do together, so the price advantage is very obvious.

2. New plastic pallet rack protector

The new type of plastic pallet rack protector is made of plastic material. This type of pallet rack protector is made of high elastic material. It has high strength and crashworthiness. It is very convenient to install. It doesn’t even need a screwdriver. The installation of the magic button is completed by one button. And his biggest characteristic is that he can absorb energy after being hit and then rebound to the original state. This type of heavy duty pallet rack protector is easy to install and cheap, but its protective ability is slightly weaker than that of a steel corner guard. This kind of pallet rack protector is more suitable for the off the rack warehouse, which needs to increase its safety performance and increase the pallet rack protector independently.

3. Other types of pallet rack protectors

Other types of pallet rack protection, such as paper, copper, alloy, and other special pallet rack protection, are rarely used in warehouse heavy duty storage racks. In fact, the principle is the same, is used to protect heavy duty shelf columns and other important parts of the protective device.

In short, the heavy duty pallet rack protector is a very important safety protection accessories. When designing the heavy duty pallet rack system, we should consider it as comprehensive as possible, and summarize it into the whole shelf engineering to avoid the increase in the future. In the daily use of heavy duty storage rack, we must strictly follow the warehouse management regulations to do things, do not rely on these protective devices, protective devices must-have, but try not to use it!

Post time: Nov-27-2020