Reasons for underutilization of heavy duty pallet rack

Effective use of warehouse space and give full play to the role of warehouse pallet racks has always been the goal of enterprises, but how to effectively use space has become a problem. So, what are the reasons why the warehouse pallet racks are not fully utilized?

1. The goods on the warehouse pallet rack are stacked irrationally and irregularly, which wastes the used space of the warehouse pallet rack. In addition, the top layer should be reserved for the storage of light goods. As long as it is within the load-bearing range of the warehouse pallet rack, the goods should be properly placed upward, and the advantages of the top layer should be used to effectively play the storage efficiency of the warehouse pallet rack.
2. There are too many materials stored on the pallet racks in the warehouse, which occupy the storage space. Every enterprise is the same. It is not terrible that there will be detained materials. The terrible thing is that no one will deal with them and no one will manage them. There should not be a batch of detained materials. The warehouse management personnel should urge the plan, not arrange the consumption and use as soon as possible, and report the materials that can not be consumed for a long time to the public The decision-making level of the company handles to ensure that the warehouse pallet racks are recyclable materials.

3. The products or goods in the warehouse must be guaranteed to be qualified before they can be put on the pallet racks. If a certain material sent by the quality control department is not qualified and needs to be sealed up for use during storage, the warehouse manager shall be responsible for following up and require the quality control department to give a reasonable treatment plan. If the goods need to be returned, the goods shall be returned in time, and the space of the warehouse pallet rack shall not be occupied for too long.

4. The workshop production plan can not reasonably arrange the production time according to the schedule required by the order. If the production capacity is increased too early, it will only occupy the storage space of the warehouse pallet rack and overstock the working capital of the enterprise. In this way, no matter how large the warehouse and how many warehouse pallet racks are, the enterprise should control the production progress.

Post time: Nov-25-2020