Stacking Forklift Truck AGV

A Stacking Forklift Truck AGV is an advanced material handling solution that combines the functionality of a forklift with automated guidance and control systems, enhancing efficiency, safety, and productivity in various industrial and commercial applications.

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A Stacking Forklift Truck AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) is a type of autonomous vehicle designed for material handling and logistics operations. It combines the capabilities of a traditional forklift with advanced navigation and automation technologies to operate without a human driver.


Key Components and Features

Navigation System:

Uses various technologies such as laser guidance, vision systems, magnets, or GPS to navigate through a facility. The navigation system helps the AGV to follow predefined paths, avoid obstacles, and reach designated locations accurately.

Lifting Mechanism:

Equipped with forks or a lifting platform, similar to a traditional forklift, to lift, transport, and stack loads. The lifting mechanism can be powered by electric motors and controlled with precision to handle various load heights.

Sensors and Safety Systems:

Includes sensors such as LiDAR, ultrasonic sensors, cameras, and bumpers to detect obstacles and ensure safe operation around humans and other equipment. Safety systems may also include emergency stop buttons and automated braking.

Control System:

The onboard computer and software control the AGV’s operations, including navigation, lifting, and communication with other systems (e.g., warehouse management systems, central control units).

Power Supply:

Often powered by batteries, which can be recharged at docking stations or through automated charging systems to ensure continuous operation.


How It Works

Path Planning:

The AGV follows a predefined path or dynamically planned route within a facility. The path can be programmed or adjusted in real-time based on operational requirements.

Task Assignment:

Tasks are assigned to the AGV by a central control system or warehouse management system. These tasks include picking up loads from specified locations, transporting them, and stacking them in designated areas.

Load Handling:

When a task is received, the AGV moves to the location, aligns itself with the load (e.g., pallets, crates), and uses its lifting mechanism to pick up the load. The AGV can handle various types of loads and stack them at different heights depending on the configuration.

Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance:

While transporting the load, the AGV uses its navigation system to follow the path. Sensors continuously monitor the environment to detect and avoid obstacles, ensuring smooth and safe movement.

Stacking and Unloading:

Upon reaching the destination, the AGV positions itself accurately and uses its lifting mechanism to stack or place the load in the designated spot. After unloading, it either returns to a standby position or proceeds to the next task.



Stacking Forklift Truck AGVs are used in various industries, including:

Warehousing and Distribution: For efficient storage, retrieval, and movement of goods within warehouses.

Manufacturing: To transport materials and products between different stages of production.

Logistics and Supply Chain: For automated handling in distribution centers and logistics hubs.

Retail: To streamline inventory management and restocking processes.


Increased Efficiency: Automated operation reduces the time and labor required for material handling.

Improved Safety: Minimizes human involvement in potentially hazardous tasks.

Consistency and Reliability: Provides consistent performance and reduces errors associated with manual handling.

Cost Savings: Lowers labor costs and improves overall operational efficiency.


Stacking Forklift Truck AGV Specifications

1、AGV dead weight: ≤ 2000kg;
2、AGV maximum driving speed: 60m/min, speed regulation range: 0-60m/min stepless adjustable;
3、Picking method: picking and releasing for the first time;
4、Travel direction: forward, backward and turning;
5、Maximum lifting load of AGV: 1000kg;
6、Stop precision of AGV station point: ± 30mm;
7、AGV lifting accuracy: ± 20mm;
8、AGV lifting height: 2500mm;
9、AGV working mode: automatic and manual mode;
10、AGV communication mode: wireless WIFI communication;
11、Equipment color: EFORK orange;
12、Laser reflective column: reflective column diameter: 90mm; Reflector length

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