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A Pallet Truck AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) is a type of AGV specifically designed to handle palletized loads within warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. It’s essentially an autonomous version of a traditional pallet jack or pallet truck.

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The Pallet Handling Forklift AGV is a highly versatile automated solution utilized across various logistics storage systems, automated chemical plants, workshops, and warehouses. It excels in precisely handling and stacking goods, providing efficient and accurate material movement in diverse industrial settings.


Key features and benefits include:

Precise Handling and Stacking:

This AGV is adept at precisely positioning forks for loading and unloading pallets, material frames, and other carriers or materials. Equipped with a sensitive sensing module, it ensures adaptive and accurate fork operations in different environmental conditions.

High Accuracy:

With a repeated delivery accuracy of ±10mm, it guarantees consistency and reliability in material handling tasks, minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency.

Compact Design:

Its narrow body design allows seamless navigation through small channels and tight spaces, enabling unmanned handling in confined areas. Additionally, the small turning radius enhances maneuverability, optimizing space utilization within the facility.

Enhanced Efficiency:

The AGV’s fast and flexible operation significantly improves factory efficiency by streamlining material flow and reducing downtime. It enhances productivity while minimizing labor requirements.

Intelligent Customization:

Tailored to meet specific customer needs, the AGV offers intelligent applications designed to optimize workflow and address unique operational challenges effectively.

Longer Service Life:

Despite its compact size, the AGV incorporates a large battery, ensuring extended operating hours and prolonged service life, thereby minimizing downtime for recharging.

Safety Features:

Multiple protection and alarm devices integrated into the AGV enhance safety during operation, minimizing the risk of accidents and ensuring a secure working environment for personnel and equipment.


Pallet Truck AGV Specifications

Product range Pallet Truck AGV
Navigation Mode Fusion positioning
+GPS navigation
Communication Mode wifi/5G
Rated Load Capacity 2000kg
Lifting Height 205mm
Orientation Accuracy ±10mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 30mm
Minimum Ground Hight 30mm
Charging Method Automatic + manual
Driving Direction Forward, back, and turn
Battery Info 24V/160Ah
Safety Laser Obstacle Avoidance
Remote Emergency Stop
Mechanical collision avoidance
Fork collision avoidance
Alarm Mode Light Alarm, Voice Alarm
Driving Method Steering Wheel Drive
Load Center 500mm
Stacking channel (Pallet 800×800)(1200 Span Fork Placement) 1755mm
Move Speed 1.5m/s
MinimumTurning Radius 1070mm
Fork Size 61/190/1150mm
Fork Outer Width 680mm
Overall Size (length / width) 1550/960mm
Self Weight 690kg
Maximum handling capacity 2000kg
Vehicle Projection Area 1.56㎡
Note: The width data of the stacking passage do not include safety distance. The above parameters are for reference only. Understanding is appreciated if technical changes are not notified.


In essence, the Pallet Handling Forklift AGV represents a cutting-edge solution for automated material handling, offering precision, efficiency, and safety across a range of industrial applications. Its adaptability and intelligent design make it an invaluable asset for modern manufacturing and logistics operations.

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