Shuttle Racking Rails

Shuttle racking rails are a key feature of shuttle racking systems, enabling efficient, high-density storage and smooth, safe operation of the shuttle.

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Shuttle racking rails are integral components of a shuttle racking system, which is a high-density storage solution. The rails serve as tracks for the shuttle, a sort of cart or sled, to move along. These rails are built into the racking system and allow the shuttle to transport stored items into the pallet racking.


Features of Shuttle Racking Rails


Integrated into the Racking System:

The rails are built into the racking system, allowing the shuttle to move autonomously along them.

Facilitate High-Density Storage:

The rails enable the shuttle to move stored items into the pallet racking, allowing for a storage system of much higher density. This means space can be utilized to its highest potential.

Support for Vertical Movement:

Vertical rails on the end of the aisle allow the shuttle to move up and down levels, ensuring no space is wasted. This enables the shuttle to load and unload pallets on several different levels.

Safety Features:

Both the racking and the shuttles have built-in safety features specifically designed to ensure the correct operation of the system. These include rail end stops, pallet centralizers, and position sensors.

Support for Autonomous Operation:

The shuttle moves autonomously on the rails, putting the load into its corresponding location. This reduces handling times and increases storage capacity in depth.


The rails can be adapted to a wide range of load requirements, and their design facilitates centered pallet and shuttle loading.

External and Inner Rail Supports:

These are used to fix and anchor the rails on each load level to the frame’s entry/exit upright and to the beams, respectively .

Rail-End Stops:

These are L-shaped components detected by the shuttle, signaling it to slow and stop under normal working conditions .

Pallet Centralizers:

Fitted to the entry/exit points in the storage channels, these aid unit load slotting in the channel and ensure the load is centered .

Smooth Operation:

The shuttle runs smoothly along the inner lane thanks to wheels, ensuring proper shifting of the palletized goods.

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