Industrial Stainless Steel Wire Shelving


The chrome wire shelving is a kind of wire shelving for storing sundries, which is composed of base plate and pillar.

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The wire shelving is supported by a strip support, and the base plate is used as the foundation. The modular wire shelving units have unique shape, smart design, simple loading and unloading, clean and bright. The open design of the industrial wire shelving makes the storage clear at a glance. Cheap wire shelving is a good helper for household and small items.


As the wire shelving systems are more and more widely used in family life, many kinds of household articles are also more and more, so we need a stainless wire shelving which can rectify and put these articles together.

The design of the stainless steel wire shelving is very simple and generous at the same time with dexterity, which plays a very important role in the homing of living items. The key is that it is very convenient to take the items, especially when it is in urgent need, it does not need to work hard to find it.

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