Industrial Storage Longspan Shelving Rack System

Longspan shelving also known as medium duty shelving. It’s easy to be assembled and adjusted with a high-density storage capacity. It’s usually operated by hands.

  • Height : : 1200mm to 3000mm
  • Depth : : 400mm to 1200mm
  • Length : : 800mm to 2000mm
  • Decking Material : : Plywood/Steel
  • Beam :: Box Beam/Step Beam
  • Loading Capacity :: 500kgs to 800kgs / UDL per level
  • Colour :: Frame set (Fury Blue), Box Beam (Orange)
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    Longspan shelving is a perfect medium for storing medium duty goods. You can use it to store cartons, packets, archive files, boxes or loose goods. This storage rack system can be used mostly in stores, garages, offices, warehouses and so on. 

    Being a highly versatile system, it can bear various intensities of loads. There are various frames heights and depths with different weight loading capacity, which allows us to design the longspan shelving rack system to exact requirements.

    longspan shelving

    The plywood panel is normally used in the longspan shelving system. It’s cheap and easily got. The thickness depends on the loading of you need. 

    The steel panel is also popular for the lonspan shelving. The steel panel is durable and not easily deformed. There are galvanized panels and powder coating panels for your choice.

    Features and Benefits

    1. Operate by hands, easy to install and adjust.

    2.Suitable for various goods.

    3.Can be widely used in various place

    4.Possibility of storing medium to heavy loads.

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