Common pallet rack of cold chain logistics


Radio Shuttle Pallet Rack

Radio shuttle pallet rack is the type of easy to realize automation and relatively economical storage rack. Unlike drive in pallet racks, they are a single rack type with associated equipment. The shuttle car which can be remotely controlled is installed on the rack track, and the automatic control system is used to realize the dense storage mode of goods. This rack is only put on the shelves at the entrance of the goods at both ends, and then it is handed over to the shuttle trolley to do, with less manual operation as far as possible.

In the cold storage, due to the particularity of the environment, the initial design evaluation is very important for the normal operation of the racks and equipment system. The shuttle car should match the cold environment to the greatest extent, the control signal communication is good, and the personnel scheduling is timely and effective. These are the necessary factors to pay attention to in the radio shuttle pallet rack solution in the cold storage. This can ensure that the whole cold chain logistics link does not appear basic problems.


drive in pallet rack

Drive-in Pallet Rack

The drive in pallet rack is one of the commonly used rack types in the conventional warehouse and cold storage. In terms of storage volume, it is obviously larger than other traditional storage racks. In the structure of the drive in rack, the forklift truck can enter the inside of the rack to pick up the goods. In this way, for the cold chain refrigerated warehouse which needs frequent batch turnover, to some extent, it is a more suitable rack type. They are typically first in, first out storage racks.

The drive in pallet rack has great advantages for the storage of food, drinks, and other products. Compared with other storage racks conducive to intensive storage, this is a piece of relatively low-cost storage equipment. For some cold chain warehouses with limited working capital, the use of drive in pallet racks is also a good choice.



Push Back Pallet Rack

The principle of push back pallet rack: the front and rear beams are overlapped by multi-layer trolleys, and the stacked goods are put into the trolley from the outside, and the stored goods will push the original goods inside. In the past, it looks like the goods are pressed back into the rack, so it is called this kind of rack. 

When the pallet cargo is large and does not form the first in first out work form, they can simplify the work procedure and improve the work efficiency; because the storage area of the rack is more and the channel is less, the space utilization rate of the warehouse is relatively high. This is obviously more advantageous for cold storage at a relatively high cost. Therefore, they are commonly used in refrigerators.



Gravity Rack

Gravity rack is the derivative of the pallet rack, which is the storage rack type formed by upgrading and refitting heavy duty rack. The roller is installed on the beam of the rack, and its inclination is adjusted to 3-5 degrees, and the earth gravity is used to realize the cargo displacement. Gravity rack is also a first in, first out storage method.

Several characteristics of gravity rack are summarized as follows: environmental protection, low noise, no energy consumption, safe and reliable. As there is no channel between groups of racks, the space utilization rate is increased by 60%. Gravity rack is widely used in the logistics distribution centers, cold chain storage, transfer and allocation center, etc.



Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

The very narrow aisle pallet racking has gradually become one of the leading roles in the refrigerated warehouse. In the structure of the pallet racking system, they use two groups of heavy duty pallet racks adjacent to each other to form a storage rack system, leaving only a narrow channel between each set of racks, which is the origin of the name of very narrow aisle pallet racking.

The purpose of this design is to maximize the use of limited warehouse space, to achieve intensive storage mode. Due to the narrow aisle, only three-way steering forklift can be used to enter the roadway in parallel to carry out warehouse operation in all directions. As the main body of the rack is a heavy duty storage rack, it can be used well for most goods.

Post time: Aug-10-2020