Drive in Pallet Racking System

Drive in pallet racking is a kind of assembled storage rack system that forklift drives into and out of the drive in pallet rack and stores the pallet unit goods.

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The structural form of the drive in pallet racking system does not have a pick-up channel, which greatly improves the utilization rate of space and site area of the warehouse.

It is suitable for intensive storage, and the effective utilization rate of the space can be increased to 90% at most.

Compared with the warehouse pallet racking system, the storage rate of the drive in pallet rack needs to be increased by 70%; in the same area, the utilization rate of the site area can reach more than 75%!

It is suitable for the storage of goods that flow to the same customer together in large quantities, small varieties or operation channels, such as beverage, dairy products, tobacco, low-temperature freezing storage, standard specifications of home appliances, chemical industry and other industries.

Characteristics of drive in pallet racking

1. High density storage scheme, high pallet quantity, and a small amount of inventory.

2. Prevent product damage and provide non-damage storage.

3. The storage rack can be stored by single or double-layer boards.

4. Use traditional handling equipment to achieve cost savings.

Main parts drawing of drive in pallet racking


2. Top beams;

3. Top bracing;

4. Bracket beam;

5. Odd bracket/even bracket;

6. Ground track;7. Uprights;

8. protector;

9. Back bracing.

Most important features

(1) Bracket support

The support bracket of drive-in pallet racks adopts double hook design, which not only enhances the load but also makes the support beam more stable.

(2)Ground track

The storage efficiency and safety are enhanced by the use of striking column protection and the first guide rail. The entrance guide is not connected with the ground rail, so it can be replaced quickly in case of damage. The ground guide rail with a width of 180 mm can effectively protect the drive in pallet racking system.

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