Drive Thru Racking System

Drive-through pallet racking is a high-density storage system that optimizes space by maximizing the footprint and height of the warehouse. Drive-through pallet racking utilizes deep aisle storage to reduce space usage, reduce operating costs and maximize storage density.

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Drive-through racking is a double-sided racking solution that supports first-in-first-out (FIFO) inventory management. With a drive-through pallet racking system, pallets are loaded onto one side of the racking system and unloaded on the other side, ensuring that the oldest items are picked first.

Two access points allow for greater flexibility in loading and unloading pallets from the racking system. The internal anchoring compartment provides the support needed for the beams and support structure, thus allowing double-sided access. With the need for both sides of the rack to be accessible, the Drive Thru system is best suited for facilities with two aisle spaces.


How do I operate the drive-through rack system?

The drive-through rack system has two entrances, so forklifts can pass completely through the racking structure. The forklift operator can use one opening to load the load onto the track and use the side closest to the shipping dock door to unload. When unloading, the operator retrieves from the opposite side of the loading side to ensure FIFO inventory management.

Since it takes two aisles to gain access, these systems are ideal for warehouses with large storage spaces. The ability to drive through the racks allows pallets to be stored deeper in the structure, thus saving space. This type of racking system is best suited for products that require regular rotation.


Places where drive-thru rack systems are suitable

● The low selectivity of these racking systems makes them ideal for storing large quantities of products such as homogeneous products, long-life products, and products that require large one-time movement.

● Storage of products requiring large one-time moves.

● Due to the high density offered by these rack systems, they are very conducive to cooler or freezer storage. Since coolers and freezers are expensive pieces of real estate, making the most of these areas for storage and efficiency is a top priority. This is a great option.

● Drive-thru racks can also be used to store fast rotating perishable items

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