Drive Through Pallet Racking System

Drive-through pallet racking system, also known as drive-in racking, is a type of assembled racking system designed for efficient storage and retrieval of palletized goods. In this system, a forklift can drive directly into the racking structure to load or unload pallets.

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The drive-through racking system maximizes storage capacity by eliminating the need for aisles between each rack. It is particularly suitable for storing large quantities of similar products with a First-In-Last-Out (FILO) method of inventory management. This system allows for high-density storage, making it ideal for warehouses and distribution centers with limited floor space.

The design of the drive-through racking system ensures optimal use of available vertical and horizontal space. Vertical uprights and horizontal beams provide the necessary support for the pallets, and additional safety measures such as guide rails and backstops prevent accidental damage.

The system operates on a strict rotation basis, where the last pallet loaded is the first to be retrieved. This allows for quick access to the required goods, especially in scenarios where a high turnover of inventory is required. However, it may not be suitable for products with expiration dates or strict inventory control requirements.

Drive-through racking systems can be customized to accommodate various pallet sizes and load capacities. The configuration and layout of the system can be tailored to the specific needs of the warehouse, ensuring efficient flow and easy access to stored goods.


Characteristics of drive through pallet racking:

1. High density storage scheme, high pallet quantity and small amount of inventory.

2. Prevent product damage and provide non damage storage.

3. The storage rack can be stored by single or double layer boards.

4. Use traditional handling equipment to achieve cost savings.


Main parts drawing of drive through pallet racking:

1. Column; 2. Top beams; 3. Top bracing; 4. Bracket beam; 5. Odd bracket/even bracket;

6. Ground track; 7. Uprights; 8. protector; 9. Back bracing.


Most important features of drive through pallet racking:

(1) Bracket support

The support bracket of drive through racking adopts double hook design, which not only enhances the load, but also makes the support beam more stable.

(2) Ground track

The storage efficiency and safety are enhanced by the use of striking column protection and the first guide rail. The entrance guide is not connected with the ground rail, so it can be replaced quickly in case of damage. The ground guide rail with a width of 180 mm can effectively protect the drive through racking system.

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