Drive-in pallet racking for refrigerated warehouse

Drive-in shelving, also known as through shelving and corridor shelving, is mainly composed of columns, diagonal bracing, horizontal bracing, back pull, top pull, top beam, spacer, double bull leg, single bull leg, peg board, foot guard, rail and other accessories, and is a kind of shelving with high storage density.

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What is drive-in pallet racking? 

The design principle of drive-in shelves is to connect several rows of traditional shelves without  special channel and special aisle. The storage density is very good, but it cannot be first in first out. It is suitable for raw material warehouse or transfer warehouse with high frequency of periodic batch operation and material access. 

drive-in pallet racking

Types of goods suitable for storage on drive-in racks 

Drive-in racking is designed for mass storage of similar goods. On the support rails, pallets are stored in the depth direction, one right after the other, which makes high-density storage possible, and this racking system is ideal for expensive storage space such as freezer warehouses. 

drive-in pallet racking

Benefits of using drive-in racks 

The drive-in racking can increase the inventory capacity approximately twice compared to the normal pallet racking in the same storage area. The racking height can be up to 14 meters.

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