U Channel Pallet Rack Wire Decking

U-channel pallet rack wire decking offers enhanced strength and a secure fit, allowing goods to be easily dropped into place without the need for tools. Specifically designed for pallet rack systems, this wire decking provides users with the flexibility to store items on shelves without requiring pallets. The U-channel design ensures a stable fit and additional support.


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U-channel pallet rack wire decking is a versatile and safe solution for storage in warehouses. It’s a type of wire mesh decking that sits on top of the beams of a pallet rack, providing a stable surface for storing various items, including pallets, boxes, bins, and more. The U-channel refers to the support structure of the decking, which is designed to fit standard 1 5/8 step beams

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Features and Benefits

U-channel wire decking offers several advantages. It allows for light, air, and sprinkler penetration through your racks, which increases inventory visibility and improves fire safety by enhancing the performance of your overhead sprinkler system . The open wire mesh design also helps protect against falling items that can cause worker injury and product damage.

The decking is easy to install – you simply drop it in place It’s typically made with a 2 x 4 grid pattern and is powder coated gray for a highly durable finish. The wire thickness is usually 14 ga, and it can support a uniform distributed load of up to 2500 lbs .


Choosing the Right Size

When selecting the size of your pallet rack wire decking, you need to consider the depth and width. The depth of the wire decking must match the depth of the pallet rack frames. Common depths are 36″, 42″, 44″, and 48″. The width of the wire decking depends on the length of the beams. For example, a 46″ width is used with 4 ft, 8 ft, and 12 ft beams.

In conclusion, U-channel pallet rack wire decking is a practical and safe storage solution for warehouses. It enhances visibility, improves fire safety, and provides a stable surface for storing a variety of items. Plus, it’s easy to install and highly durable, making it a great investment for any warehouse. 

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