U Channel Pallet Rack Wire Decking


The edge of u channel pallet rack wire decking provides extra strength and a secure fit. Goods can be drop easily into place, so there is no need to use tools.

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U channel pallet rack wire decking is designed specially to provide pallet rack users with the ability to store items on the shelves without using pallets. Wire decking also provides higher stability and protection to the pallet rack over conventional pallet support beams alone.

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Depending on the environment that u channel wire decking is used in, there are different protective coatings to choose from – painted, powder-coated, and galvanized wire decking. The wire mesh in pallet rack wire decking allows light to pass through and spread evenly from the ceiling to the ground. Using wire mesh deck in pallet rack storage can reduce shadows and make the warehouse brighter. Better distribution of existing lighting is proven to reduce accidents and improve inventory and picking efficiencies.

Wire decking also increases safety levels by reducing the risk of loss due to fire. In the event of a fire, traditional solid decking materials like wood or plywood ignite and blocks water from getting to the fire. With wire decking, this problem is all but eliminated because water can easily pass through the mesh wire, allowing sprinklers access to flames. It turns out that wire decks are so successful in reducing the losses caused by the fire that most local fire protection regulations now require the use of wire decks wherever indoor pallet rack storage is used.

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