The Intermediate Guide to Wire Decking Manufacturers – Aceally

If you work in the warehouse industry, you may be familiar with pallet wire mesh decking. Pallet rack wire mesh decking, or wire mesh trim panels, provide a secure surface for pallet racking to support pallets. Wire mesh decking increase the security and versatility of your pallet racking system, allowing you to store more standard pallets. Bins, boxes and other products are often stored on wire mesh decking.

Profile of wire mesh decking manufacturer Aceally

Aceally (Kunshan) Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. is an excellent Chinese manufacturer of logistics warehousing and handling products and welded wire mesh products. Our main products contents wire mesh decking, wire mesh cage, metal bin, trolley, stacking rack, steel pallet and other welded wire mesh products.

Our factory has not only many advanced automated production equipment but also automatic powder spraying production line and galvanizing production line of the fifth generation in Chinese technology; Moreover we possessing professional and stable production technology workers, professional sales and after-sales team, can provide you with all-round services of production, processing, surface treatment, shipment and transportation of the above products.

Types of wire mesh decking mesh

wire mesh decking can be divided into welded mesh woven mesh, galvanized mesh and dipped mesh, with welded mesh being the most commonly used.

What is wire mesh decking used for?
Wire mesh decking is designed exclusively to provide users of pallet rack shelving the ability to store items on shelves without having to use a pallet. Wire decks also provide increased stability and protection to the pallet rack over conventional pallet support beams alone.

Common specifications of wire mesh decking


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