Things About Single Deep Pallet Rack You May Not Have Known

What is Single Deep Pallet Rack?

There are two types of selective pallet racking, single-depth pallet racking and double-depth pallet racking. Single depth selective racking is the most common type of pallet racking and is one of the lowest cost basic storage types.

Single depth selective racking is the type of racking used in many popular warehouses, such as 711 convenience stores and Costco.

What is the differences between Single Deep Pallet Rack and double-depth pallet racking ?

Compared with the Single Deep Pallet Rack system layout, the double depth pallet racking layout can eliminate up to 50% of the required channels. Fewer aisles translate into more available product inventory storage space.

Double-depth pallet shelf is very suitable for dry storage of durable goods without expiration due to LIFO loading requirements. It can maximize storage capacity and minimize utility costs.


ingle Deep Pallet Rack vs  double-depth pallet racking


Advantages of single depth selective pallet racking

Single-depth selective pallet racking provides access to each location, offering users flexibility in product storage and retrieval.

Disadvantages of single depth selective pallet racking

While single depth is flexible and low cost, it comes at the cost of space utilization. This can only be regained by using higher lift technology to reduce aisle space.

Application of single depth selective pallet racking

Stored goods need or require 100% access
Suitable for handling a large number of SKUs relative to the total storage volume.
Cargo accessing outperforms cube utilization


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