How to store tire racks efficiently in the warehouse?

Tire racks are a smartly designed storage solution to help organize your garage and keep tires stored in an organized manner. The flexible design allows room for performance-oriented tires and wheel kits, or can be adjusted to accommodate less aggressive tire widths.

However, even the best tire storage racks will not provide you with the performance you need because the storage methods are poorly implemented. Therefore, it is important to utilize the rack effectively and ensure that all tires are stored perfectly.

Sometimes, storing tires becomes difficult. This is because if not properly maintained, it can lead to tire blowouts, which can reduce the storage performance of the warehouse.

To avoid the same, here are some important tips from leading experts in the field that will help you optimize your warehouse space using tire racks. Following these tips will help you achieve the perfect storage strategy for your warehouse tire racks.


Proper care and maintenance of tire racks is important

Be careful when storing tires. You must be careful because the materials are dangerous. Tires are made of materials that catch fire quickly and release toxic pollutants into the atmosphere, such as carbon black, synthetic rubber and other chemicals.

The cornerstone of any automotive and tire warehouse or storage space is heavy-duty racking. Enhanced tire racking can expand storage capacity and increase warehouse throughput. A number of precautions must be taken with tire racking systems, and the system must be safe to use and maintain its structural integrity.


Avoid exposure to various chemicals.

Lubricants, solvents and other chemicals may adversely affect the quality of your tires. So one important thing to remember when storing your tires is to make sure they do not come into contact with any chemicals. Always make sure that chemicals are not near your warehouse tire racks or the tires kept in them.

Avoiding light and heat.
It is important to store wire tires to keep them in good environmental conditions to ensure that they do not burst. These should not be kept in areas that are directly exposed to heat or sunlight. This can also reduce the quality of the tires.

Therefore, the environmental aspect is one of the most important things that must be taken care of when using tires in a warehouse. Therefore, make sure that you place the tire storage racks in an ideal location where they are not directly exposed to heat.


Keeping the space ventilated

If the area where the tires are stored is not properly ventilated, the quality of the tires may be reduced. So another important aspect of storing tires is to ensure that these tires are kept safely in a ventilated space. In addition, the temperature of the warehouse should be kept at room temperature, as high temperatures can cause tires to burst


Avoid overload and unsuitable use

The system structure can suffer permanent damage due to overloading of the racks. This can eventually cause the rack to collapse, or in some cases, it can happen immediately. Ensure that everyone using the racking system is aware of the system’s load capacity to prevent overloading the system.

To prevent confusion, it is also important to highlight the load capacity of each heavy-duty rack. The largest load or tires should be at the bottom of the rack at the back of each shelf. Any other method of stacking items will damage the racks and increase the risk of system failure.


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